Super Chewer Box Review: How is it Different and Better?

Are you sick of your dog eating everything of yours? Your shoes? Your cushions? Almost your entire house? Are you worried that your dog’s growing need to bite something might turn into a crazy scene? Is it bothering you that your dog is turning wild?  Then we come with a brilliant solution, the super chewer box. The super chewer box is a fantastic way out of this problem. Like the name suggests it’s a box with nothing but surprises in it, for your favorite companion. 

Why the super chewer box? This is because it is designed, especially for dogs, to relieve their urge to bite. Hence, the box contains two tough toys, two yummy treats, and two meaty, chewy delights.

What is Super Chewer Box?

It is part of a dog subscription, from the Bark, which is an organization that specializes in the dog subscription industry but has some amazing range of products. These products are all based on your dog’s needs and wants. All you have to do is sign up by filling up a survey for your dog with their gender, age, allergies, likes, dislikes and what not.

Just this much and the final page asks for you to choose a package, according to which these doggy delights will get delivered, at your door/dog step!

Super Chewer Box Review

Like mentioned earlier, it’s a cardboard box specially designed for dogs like the German shepherd, Rottweilers, etc. who are aggressive dogs. These dogs require massive chewer toys that can tolerate the strength of their teeth. To, be able to cater to your dogs efficiently, The Bark team comes with a range of toys that are designed uniquely for all kinds of toys.

The box is part of a subscription package, almost like a Netflix for dogs. You can log on to their website, and you will be able to spot the window for the Super Chewer box, click on it and then you will have two options- gift a box and sign up now.

In case you do not wish to purchase a subscription; you can choose the gift option. Either of the two options will lead you to an 8 step form, asking all the essential questions for your dogs so that after this form is filled, their website can redirect you to the most suitable chewer box from the wide range of collection they have in their boxes.  

Super Chewer Subscription plan

You get goodies worth $45 in just $29 /month price. Isn’t it great so much goodness you get in less than $30. This is the most opted package on their website; however, there are several other ways of availing this package.

There is an option of going for the 12-month plan in which you will have to pay $29/month. Then there is a second option of opting for a 6-month package wherein you will have to pay $34 /month.

Lastly, there is a month-wise package plan for $39, so that in case you want to test it for a month or two, then you can surely go ahead with this option.  

You can choose the size of your dogs before selecting the package. There are three types of categories based on the weight of your dog- small dig category with weights < 20lbs, then there is a category for medium dogs with loads between 20-50lbs and then lastly the group of large dogs with weights <50lbs.

This category ensures that the back has products as per their weight, like the size of the chewer dog toys, dogs like chihuahua will have products suitable to their size – small and hard best for their aggressive behavior. For dogs like Doberman or Rottweiler, the size of the toy is different, while toy sizes are different, the dog treats are equally yummy and nutritious for your dogs.

The team at Bark has curated these fantastic products with the help of their dogs. Thus, you can rely on these products to be tried and tested. So, there is no worry whether your pet will like it or not because they will not just like it but will love it more than anything! This box and your dog that’s it. Once your dog has his/her box, they are set for the entire day roaming around the house, playing with their chewer stuff!

Super Chewer Box Products & Toys

All the toys and the treats are manufactured, in the USA and some parts in Canada. Therefore, there is no need to fret over their quality and production all is done in the States. The massive chewer toys are made in New York.

There are toys made with sturdy nylon and rubber for the toy to bear the strength of the dog’s bite. All these toys are first tested, on a team of dogs at Bark. After that, each toy is checked for endurance before being packed in the boxes that are sold in the market.

There is also a treat dispenser for the dogs, and you will fill the toy with exciting, yummy treats you receive in the box and then let your dog have all the fun. They can chew it, and the toy will still be in excellent shape.

Yummy Goodies

While filling up the 8-step form, you will also come across an option which will ask you questions about the kind of protein you would not want in the package. You can pick from Pork, Beef, and Turkey. Only then the box will have suitable yummy goodies.  

There are treats like protein-filled bites that have lamb, pork, beef mixed in them. These bites are in the form of biscuits, and some treats also have availability in blackberry and cranberry flavours. The cookies are flavoured to give a variety of yummy treats to the dogs. You also get chew on sticks, which are packed separately in the cardboard box.

Sticks that come in the box, also have protein components but not in the same amount as in the biscuit treats; thus, the overall protein intake of your dog is maintained. Even the sticks are designed as per the dogs’ needs and likes; you can component chosen for these sticks, thereby ensuring that it suits your pet and does not affect them in any adverse way.

On average, dogs usually love cat food because their food contains more levels of proteins in it which is the reason behind their endless energy. However, regular dog food contains a low level of protein because dogs are not light and thus, cannot climb up. However, the super chewer box makes sure that your dogs get the highest and best quality of protein-infused food to keep with their strong food desires.   

Super Chewer Box: Happy Reviews!

Till now, all their customers have taken on The Bark’s social media portal to share their positive reviews. You can check their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter pages to witness the kind of joy these toys are spreading. Their customer base is probably the happiest amongst all the other dog subscription boxes.

Moreover, their customers are not just happy with the quality of the product they are receiving but also due to the care for the customer queries. In case you have any queries, you can write an email on, and their customer support team will reach out to resolve your query.

You can scroll down the website to check out the contact us sign which will allow you to share any questions are queries with their team about the product, the subscription, the quality or anything. Their dedicated team of individuals ensures that no customer query is left unheard or unanswered. 

Pros of Super Chew Box

  • For aggressive chewers the tensile strength of the super chewer toys is exceptional, they can resist the bite of even the heaviest of dogs.
  • Your shoes are now safe because your dogs have found their new love. 
  • The goodies are not just protein-infused but are the supplement for a good diet for your pet
  • Takes away your worry of not being able to spend enough time with your furbaby. 


  • These toys due to its strong body might hurt the dog is in case they drop it on them 
  • Apart from that, the super chewy sticks are limited in number and for full-grown dogs, they seem meager. 
  • $39 as a per-month rent, is higher if someone wishes to try it for the first time, they might appeal to them as they can get toys or goodies or cookies from any pet store at nearly the same price as offered by the Bark and its super-chewer box.

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Final Words

You cannot simply leave your dog, or abandon your dog just because they are aggressive chewers and can rip or chomp anything off. Moreover, if normally you go to a dog store to buy any toy or treat the total bill can some up to nearly $50, while the super chewer box is the most economical way to support your dog with his needs.

Amongst all the other dog subscription packages, The Bark’s Super Chewer Box is a stand out product due to the way it has been designed, taking into consideration all the different kinds of dog behaviors that are there and how you can support them. Another plus point to this subscription is that they deliver throughout the 48 states of the USA without any additional delivery cost!

A sure shot bonus for you and your dogs, because in the US delivery charges is something that frightens people and therefore people rely on buying products right out of any store, but not anymore. 

You sign up, choose your plan, enter your address, and your package is delivered at your doorsteps. There is no fuss, in fact, you can also track your package to know when it is going to be delivered to you and your dogs, irrespective if you’re an Apple or an Android user.

Do not think twice, choose your dogs’ needs before anything and get your super chewer subscription today. You cannot let this slip because your pet/ your most loved being needs this. So make them happy and enjoy the goodness of super chewer box with them, because there is nothing better than a happy pup and only this box can make them happy.

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