PupBox Review 2020: Is it Worth Buying? [Discount]

Dogbox has come up with another detailed review of a dog subscription box. Read this PupBox Review to find out everything about this cute pup box that you can buy for your dogs.

Are you a new pup owner? Are you worried that you will not be able to take care of your little poochies? Are you scared that you will not be a good dog parent? Don’t fret about it; there is one such solution that will take care of all your problems and will surely turn into a good dog parent.

Pupbox is the cure to all your worries and problems. A dog subscription package, which is specially designed for new dog owners and their pups. Every month you receive an original box that will not only have your pups’ growth and development plan but will also have all the necessary goodies and accessories that will help the growth and health of your puppy.

Their specially designed packages ensure that on every step of your pup’s growth they have everything that they need and for you, it will relieve you from the stress of becoming a first- time pup owner. 

PupBox Review 2020

It’s a cardboard box with nothing but good for you and your pup that will last for a month, and then the next month your new cardboard box is delivered at your doorstep again! What is the aim of this subscription box? It is to train you and your pup in the journey of their growth and healthy development.  

There is a training guide specially designed by celebrity dog trainer, Andrea Arden. The guide will take through the various changes your pup will go through in a month. Then there are yummy treats that keep your dog motivated and focused on new lessons and all the latest games!

Apart from that, you get teething toys for your puppy so, your shoes are saved from the chomping. Then the cardboard box is filled with chewy bones/ bully to keep your pup busy at all times. And to complete the package, you get some useful accessories for keeping your puppy clean and healthy!

PupBox Box Pricing

There are four ways you can avail of the subscription plan for this fantastic product. One of the most bought packages, if the $34 for three months package wherein you save 12% on the packaging, then there is a monthly plan of $39 per month, in which you can choose what you want to have the next box delivered at your doorsteps or not.

Then there is a 6-month package wherein you save close to 18% on your total purchase by just spending $32 per month, and then the most cost-saving package is the 12 months plans where you pay only $29 per month for a whole year, save about 25% on the total package, and you also get goodies worth more than $50!

From being worried sick, whether you will be able to provide the right nurturing to your pup, all you have to do is purchase the plan, and then you and your puppy are sorted.

Individually if you research a training guide, along with these items separately cost between $5-15$ per item and some accessories even cost more than $25, so it is undoubtedly a cost-efficient way of growing your pup into a nourished and healthy dog. 

Besides this, once you check the PupBox website, you can also check other items on their window of PupShop. The PupShop has some other things that you can purchase, like a birthday PupBox, or the Gift Subscription Box, or the standard Subscription box. You can also find some other treats and toys for your little chomper that you can purchase from the website. Moreover, on orders above $50, you become eligible for free shipping.

What is Inside PupBox?

All the products in the box are designed and curated in the USA, and some toys are made in Canada; therefore, you get free shipping in the USA and $5 additional delivery charges only in Canada. However, there is extensive research that had gotten into creating and building this because it all started with a dog named, Maggie wanting to learn and grow when her parents thought there must be a better way to raise her.

Our fur puppies are the kings and queens of our castles; they should be treated with the utmost care and love. And PupBox gives you just that, each product is designed to keep the growing needs of your pups. The training guide is an elaborate manual that not only equips parents to become the best parents there can be, but also parents elicit the right amount of knowledge about their furbaby.

They know different changes that take place in a pup when it is growing and can you cater to those changes, how do you make sure that their intelligence expands to the fullest.

The toys are designed with the different patterns of chomping a pup has during its growing age, puppy grows up very quickly you would have brought them as a tiny ball that can fit into your palms, but six months later they would be running around the house, jumping off the beds and sofas and running round and round throughout their castle. The chewy toys, each have a specific characteristic to ensure that they are growth suitable for your furbaby.

If you click on the training tab on their website, you will find that they have training and development for a whole year, i.e. for a month-old pup to a full-grown 1-year old dog.  You will be able to find all the necessary instructions to follow so that your puppy turns into a behaved and mannered pet.  

PupBox Customer Reviews 

Every customer part of this wagon of joy and goodness is more than happy and content. They have the best way to know their pup even further and grow them into a well-mannered dog, making you a proud dog parent.

You can check their website to read more about all the giddy customers who feel immensely blessed to have Pupbox in their lives. They are relieved more than ever that their lovable puppy is being trained by the tips and tricks of a celebrity trainer, making the brand and its’ products more credible and authentic. As a rightful customer, you have the liberty to choose the right plan for your puppy, making sure that everything you select is only for their betterment and not harms them in any way possible.

You get to fill up forms that ensure that all the required information about your dog is with them and you know that the plan offered to you is unique and specially curated for your pup.

You can reach them through their “contact us” option, on their website wherein you can get four ways to reach out to the organisation. One is through by post or mail, the second is an email option, the third is their social portal, and the fourth is their customer care calling system.

All four ways allow you to report your queries or enquiries with their team, and their impromptu service executive ensures that every customer’s needs are met without fail. They try to treat their customers with the utmost respect and care. There is not one single customer who has something negative to say about their outstanding service. 

Pros of PubBox

  • The biggest benefit of owning a PupBox is getting a through and through guide towards raising a mannered, well-behaved dog, who is not only healthy but is immune to any kind of allergy and disease. 
  • Apart from that, your pup becomes an intelligent dog due to all the training and development games they get to play as part of their growth plan.
  • All these benefits at such an affordable price make it worth all the penny spent on the subscription
  • All the products are manufactured in the USA and thus, the quality of the entire package is maintained
  • There is no delivery fee applicable to delivery throughout the USA and in all its 48 states-covering nearly the entire country. 

Cons of PupBox

  • While the package allows your pup to grow at a steady speed and teaches them the right techniques and method to grow. You at times need a quicker box
  • A month is a short period for the monthly growth of a pup, you at times need the box earlier than expected. Dogs have a tendency on a daily basis
  • There is no free trial option that does not allow you to test it and then purchase the desirable subscription. You will have to buy $39 for only a month which is a lot of money for a trial. 

Final Words

 It will surely be your best investment for you and your pup. You get the best quality items delivered right at your doorstep in some quick and simple steps that will ease the pain of a first-time pup-owner. There is no other organisation or brand that supports such a pure thought of growing and nurturing a puppy and making them their best versions. The cost cut down, which makes it affordable.

You get all the goodness at an affordable price; you get to choose the best for your dear puppy, to nourish them most appropriately. Their interface makes it easier for anyone and everyone to get the best box for their furbaby. 

Though at times, people compare Pupbox with BarkBox, however, they are two different entities. The Barkbox, though a subscription box service is only for grown-up dogs, however, PupBox creates unique training plans for their excellent and healthy growth.

All the food items made by Pupbox are dog-tested making it safe for all the dogs and do not cause any side-effects. Completely harmless goodies for the little munchkin of yours ensuring that you get to be the best parent and they get to be the best dog. 

Always remember, dogs are the most giving being we can ever come across in our lives; they will throughout their lives will be loyal to us and the most loving. The one thing we can compensate for their love with is nurturing and care. They will forever be hungry for yummy chewy sticks and your unconditional love. 

The best way to give love to them is through a subscription of PupBox; you will never regret it because they will not give you a chance to regret anything. That’s how trustworthy their service and goods are, that only good vibes and positive energy that can be spread through their pure-hearted idea of creating this.

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