Barkbox vs Chewy Compared: Who is the Winner in 2020?

Both Barkbox and Chewy sell pet stuff but there is a big difference between the two. With Barkbox you can get customized boxes every month while chewy doesn’t offer any box. Read this Barkbox vs Chewy comparison to find out every difference between the two. This comparison will surely help you pick the best option for your dog.

Dogs are more than just a pet. Pets are your best friend, whether you had a bad day at the office or you are tense, one lick from your furry friend, and you would start feeling better. Pet parents everywhere love to spoil their four-legged children just like they would with their human child. 

Though there it’s a no brainer that hugs and kisses are the best forms which would show your affection to them, treats and toys would be a good way too, wouldn’t it? Who would blame them when they would be getting their favorite toys to chew on and kibbles they love. 

But the same toys and the corresponding treats every day, it could get monotonous. That is when the various pet subscription boxes come into play. They come with different themes every month and would have different kinds of treats and toys for your dog that they would surely love. You might want to try something that both you and your pet would like. 

Pet boxes are trendy nowadays and are a concept which is truly helping new dog owners manage their dogs and also get informed on how to take care of one as well. Here are certain things, you should know and consider before you are signing up for a pet subscription box. 

  • Knowing what would be in the Box: With so many companies, you would find so many subscription boxes online. You could go to companies like Barkbox, PupBox, and others. Like Bark Box would include two toys, two natural treats and one chew would range between $21 for 12 months, $25 a box for six months and $29 for one month. 

You should first research the content of each box and understand what your pet would require. Many boxes would contain just toys or food while some would contain both. 

  • Know your Pet: You should first get an idea regarding the likes and dislikes of your pet as some are better suited for subscription box more than others. Subscription boxes would introduce you to new things every month which again your pet might like or hate. 

Some companies also provide you with the convenience of changing items if necessary. Again, a dog that is strictly on dietary restrictions would not be able to benefit from these boxes. Yet, some dogs go through toys every month fast and therefore, new toys every month would keep them satisfied. 

  • Know the Options: Even if you understand that you and your dog would be a perfect fit for the subscription box, you should research first before you sign up with anyone particular. What you should look out for would be their online experience and the customer reviews. 

The website with more positive reviews would mean better service and one you would be able to rely on. The site and the FAQ page would help get valuable information. 

Also, see if they have any mobile app or not which you would be able to download to manage your account. Know your options to cancel the plan. If suddenly you go through some financial crisis and you decide to deactivate the subscription, what their cancellation policy would be? 

Additionally, you should also see whether they would renew your subscription automatically after the time-period or not. Also, do not forget to search for coupons. This would help you get some great discounts. 

Major Benefits Behind Going for Pet Subscription

  • Monthly subscription boxes provide customised goodies for your furry friend.
  • Experts handpick the items to satisfy your furry friend and you as well. 
  • It helps in creating and establishing a healthy relationship and bonding between the pet parent and the pet. 
  • You do not have to go for separate stores; all would be delivered to you at your doorstep. 

What is BarkBox? 

BarkBox is a box full of happiness delivered to your home for your four-legged family member. It started its journey in the year 2011 and would be the perfect box for the dog-obsessed family. Each box every month would tell a story with different themes and different contents as well.

If you desire, you could even tailor the needs of the box with what your pet requires as the classic assortment would carry two toys, two treats and a chew.  Team of experienced designers come up with thoughtful ideas and nutritious treats which your dogs would be delighted to receive when the package arrives. 

The company always provides its customers with reliable products sourced locally from the best. Product guarantee is there, and you could choose from various boxes like- Bulllymake, Super Chewy, Chewrassic Bark, the Knights of the Round Table and more. 

When you visit the website, with a user-friendly interface, you would have no problem understanding it. The brand has their app where you would be able to track your subscription and your order effortlessly, and they provide discounts regularly. Exciting, isn’t it?

What is Chewy?

Chewy is a company founded in the year 2011 and is based in Dania Beach, an online retailer of dog products. And not just dogs, but here you would find the right product for all kinds of products starting from cats, reptiles, small pets, fish and others. Chewy has now been bought by PetSmart and continues providing high-quality products to its customers.

They also have a pharmacy, and the user-friendly interface makes it easier for you to use the website. You could shop from Chewy the best supplies for your dog like food; toys and treats to litter, aquariums and also pet supplements which is very much vital for a healthy pet. 

They offer you support 24 hours 7 days so that if you are facing any doubt or problem, you could contact them immediately and you would find more than 1, 000 brands to make your choice. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied by the product and have a 1-2 day shipping policy with shipping locations situated strategically all over the United States.   

BarkBox vs Chewy Comparison

The primary difference that you would see between BarkBox vs Chewy would be that BarkBox only serves owners who have dogs. They cater to all the essentials for a dog like toys, treats, and chews. You could also go for tailored boxes with BarkBox. 

However, with Chewy not just dogs, you can cater to all kinds of pets like cats, reptiles, small pets and others. Also, they have a pharmacy where you would be able o buy specific medicines for your pet and would find more than 1,000 brands to buy what you require. 

Chewy vs Barkbox Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing BarkBox would provide you with theme-based boxes every month which would contain goodies for your fur friend. For BarkBox the rates are $21 for 12 months, $25 for six months and $29 for one month. As you take a subscription for more months, the prices would decrease as well. Also, if you do not like one particular product inside the box, you could ask for a replacement. You could also opt for automatically renewing your plan after your subscription period has ended.  

And, with Chewy, there is no particular box; it is a site from where you would able to buy products of different brands without going to the supermarket to buy things. You do not have to go out, and the product would be delivered to your address. 

Support Comparison

With BarkBox, you would find several ways by which you would be able to contact them. You could email them at and also there is a FAQ section that could often provide solutions to the queries that you are having. You could call them as well.

With Chewy, they are there 24×7 to provide you with service and solve any queries that you might be having. You could call them, or you could email them as well at

Also, both the brands are always there to provide quality service and have a respectable name in the market, for the quality facility and customer satisfaction.   


If you are confused about whom to choose between Barbox vs Chewy, both the companies would provide you with service keeping in mind the requirements of pet parents. With BarkBox, you would get themed boxes that would have customized products for your company. With special treats and toys, your dog would receive new treats every month, and this would also help in strengthening the bond between the pet parent and the pet. 

And though BarkBox only provides subscription boxes for dogs, with Chewy, you would find products for all your pets. You do not have to run to the store and could order online. You would find quality brands and with categories would be able to buy what you want easily. 

Your dogs require your care and love. They also need toys and treats from you to make them feel special and loved. And this is where brands like BarkBox and Chewy come to provide you with goodies that your dog would give you a big lick for.   

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