Barkbox Super Chewer vs Bullymake: Best in 2020?

Confused between Bullymake vs Super Chewer by Barkbox? Well, in this article, we have compared all the features of these two famous dox boxes. Read the entire comparison and pick the one that suits your dog the most.

Your dog is your best friend. The moment you enter your home after school, work, or after a tiring day, your dog would surely jump on you. Their wagging tail and them licking you, it would be enough to cheer you up. People now do not pause at just buying dog food and regular dog toys. 

Your dog is like your kid, and a dog parent would take care of them just like they would for their human child. No stone would be left unturned when it comes to providing your puppy with the best care available. And that is why many companies have come up with the concept of dog subscription boxes. 

What is a Pet Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are like a treat for your dog every month, and their excitement levels would be palpable each time. In simple words, a subscription box is something that would every month provide tasty treats and toys for your pet recipients. 

When a person would be subscribing to a particular box provider, then they would be signing up for some goodies which their furry friend would receive monthly, which would often be based on a theme each time. Also, many providers provide you with subscription boxes not just for dogs but for cats and other domestic animals at your place as well. 

Barkbox is a subscription provider that provides goodies to various dog owners monthly and was established, in the year 2011. The subscription box model, with its intervention in the market, has gained a lot of popularity and has enjoyed remarkable business success and growth. A pet box would be the reasons for your happy pet, and it would earn you big sloppy licks and a wagging tail and lots of love from your furry best friend.   

Why are Pet Boxes so Popular?

It is not a secret that people love to spoil their kids with love, affection and surprise gifts. Then why not do the same with your furry family member? Treat them with the same level of love, affection goodies and treats with the help of Barkbox subscription boxes. It would help in strengthening your bond with your dog. The concept of subscription boxes is so popular because it is associated with surprises as well as the excitement and results in the joy that both you and your four-legged friend feel.

As a pet owner, you would be able to increase your built-in capacity to discover products that would include toys, health, dental, chews, hygiene items, and others. Also, a pet subscription box is an ultimate box which would help you get organized in how to take care of your dog if you are new when it comes to adopting and getting yourself a pet.

How do Pet Boxes Work?

Pet subscription box enrolment generally includes the following three steps. 

  • Selecting Pet Size and Breed: This is when you would be providing information to the provider, the type of pet you have and the type of subscription you want. It also depends on the size of the pet based on the weight like whether it is a small, medium or a large dog. 
  • Choosing Subscription Plan: This is when you would be selecting for how long you require the subscription and the boxes. You could go for 3, 6 or 12 months, and as the duration of the month would increase, the prices of each monthly box would decrease. 
  • Payment Option: Most of the dog box provider follows the magazine subscription procedure. Here, you have to do the full payment upfront, and if the provider is based on your country, they will provide free shipping as well. Once the payment has been made, the subscriber would get the box within 2-4 weeks. 

Pros of Pet Subscription Box

  • It provides you monthly, with a box full of goodies for your pet which initiates excitement in you and your pet both. 
  • Unique array of pet products
  • It helps in developing and strengthening human-pet bonds.
  • Educates the pet owners—especially the first time pet owners who learn a lot about their pet’s health, well-being, training, and fun. 
  • It offers various, flexible membership options. 


The tagline of BarkBox is “A monthly box of dog goodies”, and they are the largest pet box company and have shipped millions of toys and dog treats to pet lovers for their furry friend. Each box comes with something unique every month and also does non-profit work like helping dogs find their homes. 

Barkbox Super Chewer vs Bullymake Comparison

If you have a dog, you would know that they love to chew on everything. They love to rip, thrash, shred and annihilate their toys. And it is worth remembering that they are having fun though it could cause damage to your things. And keeping that in mind Barkbox has come up with a fantastic range of subscription boxes made for your four-legged friend like the BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake Box. But how would you know which one would be the right fit for your dog?

Contents of the Boxes 

  • Super Chewer Box: This one comes with fluff-free tows which would be two in quantity, and two bags full of treats for your furry friend and two chews which would be all-natural meaty chews.   
  • Bullymake Box: This would include two-three tough chew toys for the big boys and 3-4 bags of all-natural treats for your dog to get excited all over it. 

Bullymake vs Super Chewer Durability Compared

Durability is a crucial factor when you are looking for dog toys for your pet. For tough chewer pup and dogs, as a parent, you need something which would be long-lasting. And versatility is a must along with how it is created and how important it would be for your dog. And a chew toy is not just a toy, with little creativity it would turn out to be so much more. 

  • BarkBox Super Chewer: Made from durable rubber, and nylon the fluff-free toys are a must for the Barkbox super chewer box. Designers of Barkbox have come up with a unique concept where they use overmould technology in the “Secrets of the Rainfurrest” to wrap around “IIana the Iguana” with a nylon core on her mid-section. 

The ridges and the bumpy scales would provide textures and different sensations when your dog would be chewing on them. The “Shuck the Corn” is not just a chew toy but acts as a treat dispenser and a tug toy, too. 

The crinkled husks and the additional element as a treat dispenser with kibble placed inside, the challenge to free them gives this a longer lifespan and often is a favourite among pups. The ball is a new kind of toy which with Y-shaped has treats locked-in. The studded top provides a fun texture for your dog. 

  • Bullymake Box: This box would have toys made from rubber and nylon of the highest grade, which would be durable or you could also opt for toys with rope or ballistic material. Sometimes it would have the “Cherry Bomb” toy which could be sued in different ways. This makes for an interesting way to get treats from this toy dispenser. 

This box would not include toys that squeak. The rubber “Cheeseburger” has a hollow space available with the Bullymake box great for hiding and dispensing your dog’s favourite treats. The heart-shaped “XOXO” toy is excellent for intense chewers and has a textured pattern.    

Replacement Policy of both the Boxes?

  • Super Chewer Box: With this box, you would be getting a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you see that the product is not durable and your dog has already made a mess of it, then Super Chew would be replaced without any questions asked. And if a toy inside the box does not excite your dog, then you could go for something else by contacting the BarkBox happy team. 
  • Bullymake Box: With the receipt of shipment in hand, if your dog chews and tears apart the toy provided with the Bullymake box, then it would be replaced within 14 days of shipping. You have to submit a photo of the toy, and if it qualifies for a replacement, then appropriate steps would be taken. 

Treats and Chews

  • Super Chewer Box: Each box that is delivered monthly has a theme. And following that theme, the treats are designed that way by the BarkBox treat designers. The treats are always 100% wheat, corn and soy-free and are still sourced from Canada and the USA. Also, there are two meaty chews and includes beef trachea to chewy turkey sausages.  
  • Bullymake Box: Its contents, are made in the USA and then sourced and could be BBQ chicken to Beefy biscuits and apple. 

Barkbox super chewer vs Bullymake Cost Comparison

  • Super Chewer Box: Your dog needs to be happy but without putting a dent in your pocket. This box starts from $29 each month for a 12-month subscription. You would also get a free month with your six or 12-month subscription. 
  • Bullymake Box: It starts at $31 per month and has a 12-month subscription. 

BarkBox provides you with some great chewing toys and treats with a subscription every month. You could go for any of the boxes depending on what your pet requires, and this is where both the Barkbox Super Chewer and Bullymake Box stand out.   

BarkBox Review – Why this is Recommended?

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