BarkBox Review 2020: Is it the Best Dog Subscription Box?

If you are a dog lover, you must surely have heard of Barkbox which is known to be one of the best dog subscription boxes. In this article, you will find a complete Barkbox review where we list all the pros and cons of Barkbox.

Are you depressed because you are not able to spend enough time with your cuddle-puff dogs? Is the struggle of work-life balance not letting you play with your favorite companion? Are you worried that there is a distance between you and your dog? 

Do you want to make them feel happy and not neglected? Are you willing to give what it takes to make them feel wanted again? Then BarkBox is the solution for you!

BarkBox Review 2020

A USA based company which specializes in making your pups feel happy and giddy every month! Unlike your Netflix subscription, this subscription will not only help you mend your relationship with your dog but will also give them a healthy environment to grow and play.

It is a nine-step process to not only pamper your dogs but also treat them wisely. 

It begins with you describing your dogs: his/her name, breed, likes, dislikes. They aim to develop a clear understanding- knowing the pet at a much deeper- level. This includes their allergies, a favorite toy to play with, favorite snack to eat, literally, everything they would need to know to pamper your dog, BarkBox will ask. No stone is left unturned, for your dog to feel wanted and happy, making you a responsible dog owner.

Their backend system will then compile all your data and will compose an ideal surprise box for your munchkin. Each box contains two healthy snacks as per your dog’s likes and health and then two innovative toys, and chew all curated from every month’s specific theme.

All the toys will be unique, and the goodies and treats are made in the USA. You can surely trust this brand, and can even check out their website to check for their credibility.

The BARK team

The initiative to start something like this stemmed from the motive to be the voice for all the dogs in this human-led world. To build a corporation and form a team, that is motivated to provide different dogs with all the goodness and care they need.

Human and dog is the most pious relationship that there is, where it’s all about the love between them. So, why not give these wonderful dogs everything they deserve, for their lovable being, loyalty, and protectiveness that they give us.

It’s a small team that wanted to bring joy to the less heard- dogs. They have curated a team of talented individuals who share the same thought and affinity towards dogs. 

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box Pricing

What you need to do, is sign up today, and get a subscription for only $25, for six months and with just this amount you get goodies worth $40, and on your first sign up you get free shipping throughout the USA in its 48 states! 

And every month your pups’ favorite cardboard box will be delivered at your doorstep with nothing but goodies and surprises. Moreover, on the day that you will log in, you will get a special chance to add the limited-edition toy in your goody box!

Moreover, there are two different packs as well you can pay $29 for one month and just pay $22/month if you buy for the entire year—a very inexpensive way to treat your dog.

Besides this to support their motives, they also transfer 10% of their profits to dog rescue organizations/community so that not just pet dogs but all kinds of dogs are supported by them and are cared for by this organization.  

Barkbox Monthly Themes for your Dog

There is a wide theme available for you to explore for your doggo. Themes like Muttcracker, Thankstuffing, Sniff from the Abyss and many more. If you check their website, you will know there are nearly 16 themes to explore from.  

For instance, the Muttcracker theme has a featured toy, Nikolai the Nutcracker. One of the special features about this toy is that there is a void in its body in which you can stick a walnut for a healthy treat for your dog and he will not play with it but would love the delicious hidden surprise in it. 

Similarly, there is Paulina the sugar plum fairy. All you gotta do is twist her and then hand it over to your dog, as she’ll unwind you will find that your dog would want to imitate the same action, and this will bring a beautiful scene for you to witness! 

Then there are cranberry cookies made with dog-friendly ingredients, and you also get a duck infused berry dazzled ducks, these cookie ducks will have a good content of protein in them to help your dog be energetic throughout the day.

This is just one example; all the themes will have some interesting toys in them, keeping the box full of playful surprises for our dogs. 

Like the Muttcracker, the Thankstuffing box also has come very appealing toys, like Ducken Stuffed Turkey. They would get to bite on a crunchy turkey with chicken and duck too! Imagine three treats in a pack of one! Another featured toy is the Ample Apple Pie, which has two stuffed apple slices in it! 

You can add more zest to the toy but putting some real fruits in the tog for them to get a share of their nutrients too while playing with it. For yummy food packets, they have a bag of Pork, Beef and Sweet Potato stuffed treat!

They also get a cranberry sauce squeaker, to make their playtime even more fun and joyous. They also get to bite on the peanut butter and carob stick which is juicy and delicious just how dogs love their food and last but not least they get a mashed potato surprise. A mashed potato mountain, with a squeezy ball in the inside of the toy. This is probably what dog haven looks like, right? 

Totally with some much and so many toys at a price of literally one dog toy priced in the market. At that price, you get close to 4-5 squeaky toys, yummy food and biscuits, and a happy dog. This shall make for a suitable combination, for you and your cuddly bean dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

With dog subscription picking up the trend, even the way these websites handle queries and FAQs is equally trending. BarkBox has a supportive team that tries to ensure that the customer’s queries are responded to at the earliest.

In case, you’re visiting the website for the first time; you will immediately spot a chat box option which helps resolve instantly. If in case the chat box is unable to resolve the query then you can also write a mail on You can then write an elaborate mail stating your query, and the support team will respond back with an appropriate solution to your problem. 

In case you are unable to find the email id, click on the “contact us” option on the website, and you will find all the possible ways to reach out to their team without any fuss.

Positive Reviews of Barkbox

BarkBox has been a hit ever since it has been launched. Every customer who has joined this community has been nothing but happy. They are not just happy with the non-toxic and good quality of products they receive, but the inexpensive product makes it easier for any dog lover to be a part of this community.

To check their credibility, you can check reviews of the customers, log on to their Instagram/Facebook/Twitter how lovable posts their customers have posted on their pages, showing the amount of goodness this organisation is spreading not only in the lives of our dogs but also in our lives. 

The picture shared by their trusted customers is the best deal you get for your dog. They will surely get a good playtime even when you’re not around making sure your pup does not feel alone and neglected, and even you can stop worrying for a while because your dog’s happiness in the hands of a trusted team of BARK which is only ensuring that even the ones who cannot speak, get what they deserve.


  • Its one of its kind and there is no direct competitor of this subscription box 
  • You get the best quality box, with each goody, toy, bites, and service all manufactured and developed in the USA
  • All the products are tested on actual dogs, which makes it dog-friendly and tried and tested
  • Endorsements and 10% of profits are transferred to dog relief shelter and community, not just support pet dogs but also adopted and stray dogs. 


  • The product is only recommended for full-grown dogs, anyone who owns a pup might not want to purchase it due to its lack of inclusiveness towards other kinds of dogs
  •  While the treats are inclusive of all the possible meats and the setup form allows you to choose the right kind of treat for your dog but the quantity might not last for a month, which might push your dogs in showcasing aggressive behaviour. 
  • Besides toys and chompers, the pack can also include accessories which are present in PupBox that takes care of the overall hygiene of the dog 

Final Verdict – #1 Subscription Box for your Dog

Overall, our dogs deserve nothing but care and pampering, and BarkBox delivers it through and through. With such positive thought behind this initiative, it becomes rather hard to find any flaw in their operations or delivery. The price point is also something that makes the BARKBOX stand out from the rest of the dog pampering subscription

Barkbox products are of top quality, making sure that their customers do not get a chance to complain about anything and if they do, the BARK team assures them that all their queries will be heard and addressed immediately.

With a good team, there are acing in the industry of dog subscription, though there are a few competitors in this space, nobody has been able to match their quality and credibility. With a top-class service-oriented company, you can only get the best products. And thus, we would surely recommend that you go gift your dog this amazing subscription from Barkbox because dogs are not just any being; they are a man’s best friend. And you treat your best friend with only and only love and compassion.

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